Walmart Wagyu Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you are in the market for some delicious Wagyu steak then there is good news because Walmart does carry some high quality American Wagyu cuts such as wagyu beef patties, wagyu strip steak and also wagyu ribeye steak. However, this will be dependent on your location and may not be available in every store.

If your looking for a genuine Japanese Wagyu then this will be more difficult as this is a very rare and expensive type of meat. The best way to ensure you are getting real Japanese Wagyu is to buy from a reputable butcher or restaurant where they will be able to tell you the prefecture of origin.

A great way to check if a cut of meat is genuine Japanese Wagyu is to look at the color of the meat. True Wagyu will have a deep red color with the fat distributed throughout the muscle, and the meat will also have an almost purple hue. You should also be able to feel the spongy texture of the meat when you touch it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that real Japanese Wagyu is generally served thinly sliced. This is because when meat is sliced thin it exposes more surface area to the air and therefore absorbs more flavor molecules from the surrounding environment. This results in the meat having a more intense and robust flavor than if it were cooked thicker.

David Sunnyside
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