Water Buddy Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

water buddy review

Water is one of the most vital and necessary nutrients for our health, making up about 75% of our bodies weight. It maintains body temperature, metabolizes fat, aids digestion, lubricates and cushions organs, transports nutrients, and flushes toxins. It is therefore essential that we drink the recommended amount of water daily to be healthy and fit.

Frozen Water Line Tool

The Water Buddy Deluxe - Frozen Water Line Tool is an inexpensive, simple to use tool that allows you to thaw out your fridge's frozen water line. This helps your fridge ice maker work properly again, saving you money, time and frustration!
Bottle Storage System
The Bottle Buddy 12 Bottle Storage System is designed to easily and efficiently organize standard water cooler bottles. It takes advantage of vertical space to lift and store up to a dozen bottles with ease! It is lightweight, easy to move and works in most environments.

Keep Healthy

The water buddy app reminds you to drink enough water every day until you reach your recommended intake. This app is great for those who travel, are on the go or just want to make sure they stay hydrated!

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