Waylens Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

waylens review

The waylens review is a bit of an odd duck. You see a lot of pretty graphics and charts that demonstrate sharpness across the lens, distortion, blur index, etc, but these numbers are only as accurate as the method used to measure them. It's easy to get a 'wow factor' from many different reviews for the same camera, but it takes a lot more than one opinion to make a good choice.

Unlike most dash cams that point straight out the windscreen, this one goes inside your car to keep an eye on bad drivers and phone-obsessed pedestrians – or alien invasions. It also records what's going on around the vehicle, either when parked up (Wi-Fi version) or while driving (the upcoming 4G model).

Like the dashcam clones that have come before it, the Waylens is designed to capture and share video, but it has a few features that separate it from other products. One is the use of an ODBII port to overlay information such as speed, rpm and boost pressure on top of your video footage. This is something we've seen in high-end dashcams for years, but has never been available at a price that's affordable to most people.

The other key differentiator is the smarter editing and sharing capabilities on the smartphone and desktop apps. Both are aimed at making it easy to find highlights, add overlays and then upload to popular social media sites or the Waylens community.

David Sunnyside
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