Wet Stop 3 Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

wet stop 3 review

Designed by a board-certified Pediatric Urologist, this highly recommended system has a moisture sensor that clips to the child’s underwear and triggers the alarm when it detects even a trace amount of urine. This wakes the child up and motivates them to go to the bathroom in time to prevent bedwetting. The device is lightweight and comfortable, making it an effective solution for both boys and girls. It’s also covered by many insurance companies under HCPCS code S8270. The manufacturer offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, something that isn’t always offered by other sleep training devices in this price range.

This alarm has five different alarm sounds that can be set to sound and/or vibrate when the device detects moisture. The noises are very loud and are guaranteed to wake the most deep sleepers, so it’s important to inform other members of the family of the sound or vibration that will occur when the alarm is activated. It’s possible to disable the sound and/or vibration features if desired, so children can choose to ignore them as they get used to the alarm.

The alarm can be turned off by pushing the white button for 3-4 seconds or by disconnecting the sensor cord from the alarm or wiping it completely dry. It requires a two-step turn off process to discourage children from simply turning it off and going back to sleep.

This product also includes a progress chart with star stickers to encourage children to stay motivated and The Complete Bedwetting Book digital download for parents. Additional sensor cords are available for purchase separately.

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