What Animal Doesn't Have Vocal Cords?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Animals use sounds to communicate with each other. Some make noises to spread terror while others do it to attract their mates or even just get our attention. But not all animals make noises and some even have no vocal cords.

Some mammals that don’t have vocal cords are rabbits and giraffes. These two creatures are able to produce mechanical sounds like chewing carrots and the clicking of their nails. They can also make infrasonic sounds that are way too low for humans to hear. Giraffes can use these sounds to communicate with their young ones and other giraffes. They can also eject saliva through their mouths to express themselves.

Whales are another group of mammals that don’t have vocal cords but still communicate with each other. They are able to create clicks and whistles that are inaudible to human ears but can help them locate each other in the sea. This helps them protect their young from predators and enables them to hunt more efficiently.

Other mammals that have no vocal cords include Barbary macaques and American kangaroos. These two animals have a unique vocalization system that allows them to produce sound through their throats and lips.

Turtles are another animal that doesn’t have vocal cords but can produce sounds using their lungs. These sounds can include hisses, grunts, honks, and moans. They can also squirt water out of their shells to communicate with other starfish in the sea and use the pressure on bumps on their undersides to move around and hunt for food.

David Sunnyside
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