What Animal is Dashi From Octonauts?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

What Animal is Dashi From Octonauts

Dashi is the sweet-natured IT officer and photographer for the Octonaut crew. She is one of the only females, other than Tweak and Tominnow, on the Octonauts crew. A dachshund dog, she controls all computers, communication devices, and steering for the Octopod, as well as taking pictures of sea creatures and sunken treasures. She normally stays on the Octopod to coordinate missions on an advisory basis, but she often joins the other octonauts on their adventures.

The Octonauts are a group of eight adventurers who travel the ocean in a fleet of aqua vehicles. They are led by polar bear Captain Barnacles, medic Peso (a penguin), engineer Tweak (a green rabbit), scientist Shellington (a sea otter), and explorer Kwazii (a cat). The octonauts are assisted by a team of half-animal/half-vegetable creatures called Vegimals, which were discovered as eggs attached to the Octopod's side. The Vegimals communicate in a language called 'Vegimal', which consists of chirps and warbles similar to English.

The Octonauts' mission is to explore the world's underwater habitats, rescue sea creatures in trouble, and protect marine life and its environment. Each episode features a specific sea creature and the Octonauts go to great lengths to help it, such as untangling tentacles of a Lion's Mane Jellyfish or rescuing a group of thirsty animals. They are guided by their motto of "Explore! - Rescue! - Protect!". The series also includes a special 'Creature Report', which is a one-minute musical, poem-like sequence that recaps the facts learned about the creature featured in that episode.

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