What Are Breath Strips Made Of?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Breath strips are an innovative product that does away with the need of long mouth rinsing methods or chewing gums to freshen breath. They come with a refreshing minty taste and kill bad breath germs instantly. The oral strips are made of a special formula and the immediate burst of cooling menthol makes them very popular among consumers. They also contain other ingredients like thymol and Eucalyptol oil.

These thin, paper-like looking strips are designed to dissolve on the tongue as soon as they are placed on it. The technology behind them is called Orally Disintegrating Strip (ODS). The oral strips are manufactured using various films including cellulose gums, whey proteins, gelatins, starches and carrageenans. The edible film acts as a matrix for holding the flavor, fragrance or medicinal compounds. The dissolving strip matrices are then coated with the desired medicament and are ready for use.

Thin-film drug delivery systems have gained popularity as a more convenient alternative to tablets, capsules and liquids. These devices are small and can be inserted into the buccal mucosa, sublingual or intra-abdominal areas of the body. These products also avoid the first-pass metabolism of the medication and make it more bioavailable. They are an important option for those with chronic diseases or conditions that require regular treatment.

The main purpose of the breath strips is to help clear up blocked nasal passages for better breathing and improve quality of life. The strips can be used to treat common issues such as allergies, colds and deviated septum. They are easy to apply and can be placed on the nose and held there by pressing down on the ends of the strips. This lifts the nasopharynx, clearing airway and helping with better breathing and reducing snoring at night.

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