What Are Moments on Tinder?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Last week Tinder rolled out new algorithm updates, revamped profiles, and a redesigned inbox that puts new matches at the top of the list and current conversations in the bottom. And now, the dating app is announcing a new feature called “Moments” that makes it easier to get conversations started with potential suitors.

Taking a cue from Snapchat, users can share photos with their matches that will expire within 24 hours. They can also draw, caption, and apply filters to the ephemeral pics that will be shown on their matches’ feeds. Swiping right on a photo will alert your match that you “Liked” their Moment, which creates an opportunity to start a conversation.

Moments is the latest move by Tinder to shake its reputation as a hookup-only dating app. Last year, it added a new “Testing” tab to the app that allows users to test out features before introducing them to their profiles, and it announced plans to roll out more social features like live video chats this summer.

Founder Sean Rad tells TechCrunch that the goal of the update is to make it easier for users to share things about themselves that might not always fit into their profile. Including a pineapple in your Tinder bio, for example, became shorthand for “It’s complicated” — a status that could mean anything from a murky relationship to an unsatisfactory sex life. The company has a lot more on its plate this summer, with plans to add employment/education info into profiles and a redesigned inbox that separates new matches from those already engaging in discussions.

David Sunnyside
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