What Are Points on Amazon Books?

January 28, 2024
David Sunnyside

When it comes to reading, Amazon is one of the best places to source your book collection. Not only do they have prices usually on the cheaper side, but they also offer an option to earn Kindle Points on every purchase that you can later redeem for free books. The Kindle Points are the currency of Amazon's limited rewards program called Kindle Rewards that is specifically geared toward their book-loving customer base.

This week, Amazon began sending out emails to Kindle Rewards members notifying them of new changes to the program. The most notable change is that the amount of points needed to cash in for a book credit is being reduced from 5 points for Kindle books and 2 points for print books per dollar spent, to 3 points for Kindle books and 1 point for print books per dollar spent. Also, the time a Kindle Book credit lasts has been shortened from six months to three months. Amazon is hoping the new system will make it more incentive for people to read more and spend more money on Kindle books, which is great, but I think it might be too much of a challenge for even the most avid readers to hit that 300 point milestone unless they buy books during double points days (which are now only once every three months).

For those who don't have a Kindle device, or just prefer a paperback or audio CD, there are still plenty of ways to use reward points on amazon books. First, log into your Amazon account and click 'Accounts & Lists.' This will bring up your lists, user profile, payment methods, archived orders, and more. Then click 'Payment Methods' and add any cards that allow you to use their rewards points for Amazon purchases to your list of options. At checkout you will then have the choice to 'Shop with Points' instead of using a credit card.

David Sunnyside
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