What Are the Candies on Waze?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Waze has a gamification aspect to it which rewards and encourages users to drive, report incidents, suggest maps updates etc. It is a fun and exciting way to use the app that makes you feel as though you are part of the community. One of the main appeals of the app is its social side as it can help you get to know other drivers in your area and country.

In addition to the usual driving and reporting achievements, you can also earn a variety of “candy” symbols that award varying amounts of points. You can see what you have earned on the dashboard. These icons are displayed in the map view of other Wazers and will be added to your total on the next ranking update, whether it is a Monday or Sunday.

Generally, if you have been active in the community and are among the top 10% of users in your region, you can earn the badge level of Champion. This rewards you with an awesome avatar that is a shield, sword or crown.

You can also earn badges that are specific to certain holidays and events, like Easter eggs or turkeys. These icons are displayed in the map view and can be driven over for points.

You can also select a mood, which is what other Wazers see when they look at your profile in the map view of the app. Moods can be funny, happy or sad and you can change your mood at any time.

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