What Are Transform Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

October 28, 2023
David Sunnyside

From time to time Pokemon Go keeps introducing new challenges for trainers that allow them to claim unique in-game rewards for their efforts. However, one of the tasks from the April Fools’ 2-Oh?-22 event caused some confusion as to what players are supposed to do. The task required them to catch three Transform Pokemon, but what are these Pokemon exactly?

Transform Pokemon are a distinct species that can shape-shift into any other Pokemon that they encounter. This allows them to adapt quickly to any battle situation, making them formidable opponents and valuable members of a trainer’s team. These Pokemon use the move Transform to copy the appearance, stats, moves, and Ability of their target Pokémon, but retain their own HP and level.

When a Pokemon uses Transform, it becomes a copy of the target for the duration of the fight. The copied stats and appearance include the Pokemon’s base attack, base defense, and HP; however, its EVs, IVs, and power-up level do not transfer. The move also copies any special moves used by the target in the current battle, but does not copy the HM Move Sketch or its exclusive Z-Moves. Transformed Pokemon are still prone to status conditions and dungeon tile restrictions of their original form.

The most straightforward way to increase a player’s chances of catching a Transform Pokemon is by visiting areas with varied Pokemon spawn rates and participating in events that may temporarily raise Ditto’s appearance rate. Prioritizing these Pokemon will ensure that the trainer will have a high chance of encountering one of these Pokemon.

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