What Bow Does Green Arrow Use?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

When Green Arrow first appeared, he was a thrill-seeking playboy who stumbled into crime fighting by accident. He soon became a dedicated urban vigilante who cared more about the welfare of the people in his home city, Star City, than any other costumed superhero.

He's also an excellent swordsman and a skilled martial artist, but the bow and arrow is his primary weapon of choice. He's also equipped with a variety of special "trick arrows" that are used in a range of specific situations. Some examples include glue, explosive-tipped, grappling hook and tear gas arrows.

These arrows have helped him subdue powerful adversaries, and they're often used to lure his foes into dangerous locations where they can be captured and brought to justice. He's even been known to use an arrow imbued with the metaphysical properties of kryptonite in order to destroy the Book of Destiny, an all-powerful tome capable of rewriting the very fabric of reality.

While Oliver has an extensive arsenal of trick arrows, he prefers to employ standard projectile weapons in desperate times. He also has a special bow that is able to fire a continuous stream of flame, which can be particularly useful against hordes of superpowered bad guys.

The Green Arrow's quiver contains an Oneida Kestrel compound bow, which has lever-style limbs that store energy in a recurved outboard limb and transfer it to the limbs when drawn. It is custom-made for him by Felicity Smoak, and it's been a staple of his weapons since he was first introduced in the comic books.

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