What career opportunities we can expect from completing the data analyst course?

January 19, 2023
Natalie Thorburn

Data analytics is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide range of technical aspects. With the advent of digitization and the growth of digital devices and internet usage, the amount of raw data being generated every day has increased significantly. Companies are trying to analyze this data to use it to their advantage.

Completing a data analyst course will help you land jobs in a variety of industries and different departments. The World Economic Forum reports that around 80% of the companies globally are likely to adopt data analytics technologies in the coming years to boost their business.

The rising demand for data professionals makes this field worth checking out. Let’s explore the various career opportunities that await you after graduating with a data analytics degree or diploma.

Career opportunities in data analytics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has named data analytics jobs as one of the fastest-growing occupations with an expected growth rate of 36% in the 2021-2031 period. With the right skills, experience, and educational qualifications you can set foot in any lucrative data analytics job.

Here are some of the popular career opportunities after a data analytics course:

Data Scientist

A data scientist creates the framework for the data analysis to happen. As a data scientist, you must collect the data, process it, and build algorithms and models to conduct the examination. Running data tests, developing data products, and optimizing the whole framework for better analysis are the responsibilities of a data scientist.

According to Glassdoor, a data scientist earns an annual salary of $91,279.

Data Analyst

Data analysts are responsible for analyzing large amounts of data and drawing insights and conclusions from it. This analysis is often used by businesses to take important decisions.

Data analysts can work in several industries under different names. Some of the popular data analyst job roles are business analyst, healthcare analyst, financial analyst, operations analyst, marketing analyst, systems analyst, etc. For this, you might need specific knowledge of the related field in addition to data analyst skills.

PayScale reports the annual salary of a data analyst as around $59,878.

Data Mining Analyst

The responsibilities of a data mining analyst are similar to that of a data scientist and data analyst combined. As a data mining analyst, you must perform research and data analysis to obtain valuable information from data that is used to make business decisions.

A data mining analyst earns an annual salary of $71,081, as per Glassdoor reports.

Besides these, there are several other job roles such as data engineer, data architect, database administrator, etc. All these jobs pay you well and offer chances to upskill yourself and advance in your career.

As the demand for data insights is growing, a degree or diploma in data analytics can fetch you lucrative jobs from anywhere around the world. Enroll in a data analytics course and acquire the essential programming and technical skills to kickstart your journey as a data analyst.


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