What Company Monitors the Operation of Vending Machines Via Wireless Technology?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

It’s been a long time since vending machines were the cold, impersonal boxes that had customers fumbling around their pockets for exact change. Now, powered by new technology in security, payment, and communication — as well as smarter data — vending is transforming into a model that delivers greater choice and convenience for customers and better management of machine inventory for operators.

With over four million vending machines generating $16 billion turnover and counting, it’s no surprise that the industry is growing. Unlike traditional machines, which only provide food and drink options, smart vending machines have the capability to communicate with each other and the customer. They can also be used to change prices based on outside factors like weather, time of day, or promotional offers.

But what really sets smart vending apart is the level of data they’re able to gather. Powered by cellular communication, these machines can send all their stock information, security settings, and more to a central hub via wireless signal. That hub can then relay the info to a cloud-based server, where it’s analysed and interpreted. This allows machine operators to monitor telemetric data for health, hygiene, and product quality remotely — providing a more efficient way to manage their stock. It can also help reduce product loss, and improve service with fewer call-outs.

David Sunnyside
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