What Did Howie Post?

December 3, 2023
David Sunnyside

Howie Mandel is usually the center of attention in terms of his work as a judge on America's Got Talent, but it looks like the comedian might have accidentally overshared on TikTok. On July 9, the Canadian celeb shared a truly wild video to his 9.9 million subscribers on the platform, and it had people freaking out.

The post that Mandel made was of a prolapsed anus, and it stayed up for several hours before being deleted. As a result, it's been going viral online and has gotten many to question why it was even allowed on the platform.

Luckily, the America's Got Talent star did eventually take down the video and reportedly also banned any others that mentioned it. But it wasn't before a bunch of mildly-traumatized fans took to Twitter to discuss the image and why they think it was OK for Mandel to share it on his TikTok page.

What did howie post

The reality TV star, who has amassed a massive following on the platform with more than 9.9 million followers, typically posts reaction content and some of the new filters that are gaining popularity on the app. However, he appears to have taken things too far this time and posted something that went over the line. Since the video was removed, he hasn't addressed it on social media but he still continues to use the app regularly. In one of his latest TikToks, he uses a filter that gives a person a pig's head while another shows him trying out the bald guy filter.

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