What Did Mike Tyson Go to Prison For?

November 2, 2023
David Sunnyside

When you think of a famous boxer who went to prison, one of the names that comes to mind is Mike Tyson. The former heavyweight champion rose to fame for his aggressive fighting style and controversial personal life, but he also spent time behind bars for a rape conviction.

In 1992, the former champ was convicted of raping an 18-year-old beauty pageant contestant in his hotel room in Indianapolis. The judge in the case ruled against Tyson after hearing evidence from Desiree Washington, who claimed that she had been forced to have sex with Tyson against her will.

Despite claims from Tyson's attorneys that she was a liar and was unable to provide any proof of her story, the judge ultimately found him guilty of rape. He received a 10-year sentence with four years suspended and will be required to serve at least three years in prison.

As he prepares to spend the next several years of his life in prison, mike tyson says he'll be trying to stay out of trouble. He's already got a reputation for cursing and getting in trouble with the law, but he plans to keep his nose clean and stay out of legal trouble as much as possible while he's there.

In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Tyson said that he was having to go through a lot of things while in prison, but that he knew he had to stay on top of his game in order to get out early. He says he's going to try his best to live a spartan lifestyle in prison and will be staying away from drugs as much as possible.

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