What Does a Quality Review Specialist Do?

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

quality review specialist

Quality review specialist is a role that oversees the quality of clinical documentation, OASIS, coding, and plans of care. They work to ensure that patients receive the right treatments for their conditions and that Doctors and Nurses have all of the information they need to give patients top-notch care. This is a role that can be found in clinics, hospitals, Physical Therapist offices or anywhere that provides long-term treatment to patients.

A quality review specialist works indoors and in an office setting, although it is possible to travel to sites to monitor production processes. Depending on the industry, they may also work with other teams in the workplace, including engineers, designers, and production supervisors. They are also likely to be working closely with other departments as they carry out their duties, such as financial operations, legal, and research and development.

A Quality Review Specialist typically works full time and is paid a base salary plus any additional bonuses or perks. Some companies offer health benefits and retirement plans to their employees. In addition, pursuing professional certifications can increase a person’s earnings. According to ZipRecruiter, the highest paying states for a quality review specialist are New York, New Hampshire and Vermont. The average salary for a quality assurance specialist is $55,228. This is a significant increase over the national average of $54,728. However, the number of people in the job market is also significantly higher.

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