What Does Calypso Say in Pirates of the Caribbean?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

When we first see Calypso in the original Odyssey, she is a singing goddess who enjoys a life of luxury on her paradisiacal island Ogygia. She is a beautiful woman with braided curls, a silver robe, and a flower crown. She is enamored with Odysseus, who spends seven years on her island as her lover of love. Calypso also charges him with ferrying souls to the afterlife, and she promises him that they will meet every ten years. This is all before he betrays her by telling the first Brethren Court how to imprison her in mortal form and cuts out his own heart in the process. Calypso then transforms into Tia Dalma, the voodoo and hoodoo practitioner who appears in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.

What Does Calypso Say In Pirates of the Caribbean?

When Calypso is released from her human form in the movie At World’s End, she yells out an incantation that roughly translates to “Malfaiteur en Tombeau, Crochir l’Esplanade, Dans l’Fond d’l’eau!” This chant is intended to entice Davy Jones to return to her.

It’s unclear why Calypso wants to be freed from her human form. Perhaps it has something to do with her desire for individual freedom, a nod to the enslavement of Caribbean people by European colonizers. Alternatively, it may be because she feels betrayed by Davy Jones for lying to her about the agreement they had to meet once every ten years. Whatever the reason, Calypso is enraged at Jones for betraying her and for abandoning his duties of ferrying souls to the afterlife.

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