What Does Coke Move Taste Like?

November 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

Coke is rolling out a new limited-edition flavor called Move in partnership with Grammy-award winning singer Rosalia. Unlike other high-concept flavors like Starlight, Zero Sugar Byte and Dreamworld, the company doesn't explicitly describe what Move is supposed to taste like. Instead, the beverage maker describes it as "unique."

Those that have tried the soda say it does indeed have a unique taste. Some people report a strong coconut flavor, while others say they can taste a hint of vanilla. One person on Instagram says it tastes like rum and coke, while another claims it has notes of rose wine. It's hard to know what it actually tastes like, but it's a lot more interesting than a lemon-flavored Coke.

The idea behind the flavor is to evoke a feeling of transformation. Coke wants to show that a change in one's attitude or outlook can be transformative in itself. "To us, it means embracing your own unique voice and finding the power within that to connect with other people," a spokesperson for Coca-Cola said.

The drink is set to hit stores in the United States and Canada on February 20. The collaboration is part of the company's Coca-Cola Creations platform that has been experimenting with unique flavors over the last few years. Previously, the brand worked with Marshmello, a DJ and electronic music producer who created a strawberry and watermelon-flavored Coke. The drinks will be available in full-sugar and zero-sugar varieties.

David Sunnyside
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