What Does 'Doop' Mean Ttiktok?

January 5, 2024
David Sunnyside

If you're on the internet, chances are you've come across a video that calls something a "doop." With billions of views under its belt, dupe (or dupes, or doops, whatever) has become a popular hashtag for TikTok influencer recommendations. From a pair of Crocs to a Himalayan salt lamp, people love to post about their cheaper alternatives to name-brand products. But the dupe trend has spawned another type of video, one that mocks those who promote the concept. The new videos feature TikTokers picking up random items in stores and declaring them to be dupes, often causing laughter.

A lot of these dupes are actually legitimate and offer great value for your money. But it's not clear whether the latest wave of content creators promoting the idea are aware of how they're making fun of others. This article will explain what dupe mean tiktok, and how the trend has sparked some backlash amongst TikTok users.

What Does 'Doop' Mean Ttiktok

The term 'doop' is short for dupe and it describes a product that's a less expensive alternative to the original version. Dupes are particularly popular on TikTok because the platform's main demographics are Gen Z and millennials, who are both incredibly trend-led and budget conscious. Dupes can help make high-end designs more accessible to these consumers.

But the dupe trend also reflects a larger cultural fascination with imitation and plagiarism, which has long been a problem on social media. It's one thing to inspire a product, but it's quite another to create an exact copy. When a Shein dress becomes an Aritzia dupe, for example, it almost feels like unchecked plagiarism.

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