What Does Enhanced Do on Spotify?

December 9, 2023
David Sunnyside

Spotify recently released a new feature called “enhance” that allows its users to get personalized recommendations to their playlists. The feature is accessible on both desktop and mobile app, but some people are having trouble finding it and getting to know what does enhanced do on spotify.

The simplest way to find this feature is by clicking the green Enhance button on any playlist. The Spotify app will then show you a list of songs it believes will fit well with your current playlist’s mood and style. You can select a song from the list to keep in your playlist and Spotify will add two or three more suggestions that are similar to it. If you don’t want to keep a recommended song, you can right-click it and select Remove from this playlist.

You can also enable Enhance by opening any personal playlist from your library and clicking the green “Enhance” icon at the top of the playlist. You can also activate the feature by navigating to Discover Weekly or Release Radar playlists on the Spotify web player.

If you turn on enhance, all existing local files in your playlist will be hidden and only song recommendations will appear. You can choose which of the songs to keep in your playlist and you will be able to view song details and listen to it in full before adding it permanently. Enhance is a great way to maintain creative control over your playlist while receiving a helping hand from Spotify’s expert music algorithms.

David Sunnyside
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