What Does Flatten Mean On Cricut?

February 7, 2023
Justin Lumiere

what does flatten mean on cricut

What Does Flatten Mean On Cricut

The Flatten tool in Design Space is one of the most useful tools to use when cutting layered designs. It allows you to merge several layers of images, text, and other elements into one layer that can be cut with your Cricut machine.

What Does Flatten Mean On Cricut

In Design Space, the flatten tool is located at the bottom of the layers panel in between the attach and contour tools. To flatten your design, simply select the images and text that you want to combine into one layer, then click the flatten button.

What Does Flatten Mean On cricut

The flatten tool is very important if you are making a Print then Cut project. This is because the Cricut "print then cut" sensors will only read the outline of a flattened image, so if the design has multiple layers, the Cricut will only cut around the outermost edges of the design.

What Does Flatten Mean On Flattened Layers

Using the flatten tool in Design Space will also allow you to change a print image, text or pattern into a Printable image. This is very handy if you want to print your project onto paper or cardstock before cutting it.

What Does Flatten Mean On Print And Cut

A Print and Cut image is an SVG file that has been printed first then cut with your Cricut. The Print then Cut feature is a great way to create stickers or other shaped items that you can add to your projects.

What Does Flatten Mean On Printable Images

Many people don't realize that when they print an SVG that it is actually printing inside a square box with sensor lines. When you print these images, the Cricut needs to be connected to the printer that you used to print the image. The square box is where the Cricut needs to read the image so that it can cut the design properly.

What Does Flatten Mean On Multi-Layer SVG Files?

You'll need to flatten any SVG file that has more than one layer to make it a Print and Cut file. To flatten your SVG, click the Flatten button in the layers panel.

What Does Flatten Mean On Welding?

Welding is another useful tool that can be used to combine different shapes into a new shape. This can be particularly useful if you are trying to create an image that has multiple shapes that all need to be cut out at the same time, such as a name.

What Does Flatten Mean On Group?

Group is a similar feature to flatten but is more useful for rearranging layered designs within your project. You can also use group to group images, texts, and other elements together.

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