What Does ICL Mean?

December 28, 2023
David Sunnyside

The acronym ICL stands for “implantable collamer lens.” ICL eye surgery is a vision correction procedure that can reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. It is a non-invasive alternative to laser eye surgery such as LASIK, which involves the removal of tissue from the cornea. ICL is also a safe option for people with thin or irregular corneas who might not be candidates for laser eye surgery due to those factors.

The ICL is a lens made of plastic and collagen called a phakic introcular lens, which means it’s placed inside the eye without taking out the natural lens. The ICL works with your existing eye’s lens to bend (refract) light onto the retina, thereby producing clearer vision. ICL is a popular procedure because it offers a number of advantages over other refractive surgeries like LASIK, including:

To be a candidate for ICL, you should have a stable prescription that does not change often, healthy eyes and corneas, and enough nearsightedness to be treated effectively. The procedure is generally safe, but there are some possible risks. For instance, during the insertion of the ICL, there is a chance it could bump into the inner layer of the eye known as the endothelium. If this happens, it can cause the eye to swell and may lead to blurry vision. Additionally, if the ICL is improperly sized, it can decrease circulation of fluid in the eye and result in early cataracts.

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