What Does Intel Technology Access Do?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

Intel Technology Access exposes the 2-in-1 sensor and Display settings detection to browser applications using web services. Also, it enables Microsoft Windows 8.x* to detect COM sensors (accelerometer, ambient light, compass, inclinometer & orientation) of Intel-powered 2-in-1 systems.

Boost productivity with built-in PC features that help users do more, faster. And equip IT with remote manageability for a dispersed workforce and secure data protections with Intel Hardware Shield.

AMT presents the PC’s security posture out-of-band (OOB) to the network, so a system administrator can authenticate the device even if the OS and security software are compromised. The PC’s OS or apps aren’t required to run to use this functionality, and the system administrator can remotely update, repair, or reinstall critical security software on the PC before allowing it to connect to the network.

Intel AMT features are available OOB (out-of-band) regardless of the PC power state or presence of a management agent. For example, an IT administrator can remotely update and correct BIOS configuration settings. Intel AMT also provides security monitoring, platform event logging, and other capabilities such as software inventory and version management.

We’re proud of the impact the IRTI team has made in its first year, but we’re only just getting started. We look forward to building on the momentum by expanding the initiative’s purpose to include new dedicated workstreams for social equity and human rights, accessibility, and climate action. Intel is committed to bringing our best technology, employees and resources to these areas, and we’re proud that the IRTI team is already making a difference around the globe.

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