What Does ISO Mean on Social Media?

March 29, 2024
David Sunnyside

Social media and online communities often use short forms when referencing topics and interacting with one another. These abbreviations can make communicating with other users on these platforms faster and less stressful, as they’re easy to type compared to longer descriptions of terms or ideas. However, it’s important to be aware of the different meanings of these abbreviations so that you don’t accidentally interpret them incorrectly or use them inappropriately.

ISO stands for “In Search Of,” which is commonly used in online forums, classified ads, and social media to indicate a user’s quest for specific items or services within their network. The term facilitates efficient interactions and transactions on these platforms by allowing users to quickly ask for recommendations, connections, or opportunities that would help them meet their needs.

In TikTok, "ISO" can be used as a caption or comment to request video recommendations from other users. It is also popular on Instagram, where users can utilize the hashtag feature to reach a broader audience and discover content.

ISO can also be used on Facebook to seek out recommendations from other users in a given community. It is especially popular in buy/sell/trade groups, community forums, and niche interest groups on the platform. Other similar acronyms include WTB (Want to Buy) and LTB (Looking To Buy). These acronyms convey similar meanings to ISO but with slight variations in tone or emphasis. In photography, ISO can also refer to a camera’s film speed setting.

David Sunnyside
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