What Does Kale Taste Like?

December 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

The cruciferous vegetable known as kale is one of those foods that people either love or hate. While some are all-in on this leafy green, others find its strong flavor and tough texture off-putting. If you are a kale lover and want to explore new ways to enjoy this superfood, or you're just curious what it actually tastes like, read on to learn more about the different varieties of kale, how to prepare it and the many unique flavors that can be found in this healthy veggie.

Depending on the type of kale, its taste can vary from mild to bitter and earthy. Curly kale has ruffled leaves that are tightly closed together, giving it a bolder and more robust flavor than regular green kale. Younger kale has a sweeter and less bitter taste, making it ideal for salads and smoothies.

When cooked properly, kale's tough texture can soften and its flavor become milder and more tender. When tossed into a soup or stew, it absorbs the flavors of the other ingredients and becomes part of the dish. It can also be shredded finely and eaten in salads, especially when paired with sweet ingredients like apples, oranges or dried cranberries, which can help offset the bitterness of this green.

For a modern twist on coleslaw, try combining shredded kale with grated carrot, thinly sliced red onion and shredded beetroot. Toss it with a lemon dressing and season with salt and pepper to create a delicious, crunchy side dish.

David Sunnyside
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