What Does Outgoing Call Mean?

January 10, 2024
David Sunnyside

Outgoing calls are a core aspect of telecommunications, allowing individuals to connect with one another in real-time over a telephone network. These calls have been around for decades as a primary means of communication, and they remain an essential tool for both business and personal use.

Outgoing Calls

A call is considered an outgoing call when the individual calling it successfully manages to connect with the person they’re trying to reach. When a call is successful, it results in a two-way audio connection that allows people to communicate and share information in real-time.

To initiate a call, an individual inputs the recipient’s phone number into their device and presses the call button. This call request is then sent to the network, which identifies the recipient’s service provider and routes it to their device. The recipient can then accept or decline the call.

Cancelled and Missed Calls

If a call is canceled before reaching the recipient’s device, it will show up as a missed call on their device. This can happen if the recipient hangs up, or it could be due to network limitations or poor signal strength.

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