What Does RR Mean?

February 16, 2024
David Sunnyside

What does rr mean?

RR (R-R interval): The time span between two consecutive R waves of the ECG signal, a measurement of the heart’s rate of electrical activity. This is one of the most important parameters to be seen on the electrocardiogram, along with PR, QRS, and T waves. It is a measure of cardiac contractility, blood pressure, and diastolic blood volume, controlled in part by the autonomic nervous system.

In statistics, RR is the relative risk; it represents the ratio of the likelihood of an event in a group exposed to a treatment to the probability of the same event in a group unexposed to the treatment. It is also known as the odds ratio. In retrospective case-control studies, where the number of people exposed to a treatment is not known, RR cannot be calculated; however, OR can, and multiple logistic regression, a frequently used multivariate technique, uses adjusted ORs rather than unadjusted RRs.

Another meaning of rr is Rural Route, which is often written on mailboxes to indicate the route that a mailbox should be delivered on. It is more common for cities and other urban areas to use street numbers for addresses, whereas farms or other rural homes often have an RR address that is accompanied by a township code, for example Old MacDonald RR 5 Box 153, New Ulm MN 56073.

RR is also an abbreviation for registered representative, which is a financial term referring to a person who is employed by a securities firm and can deal with client transactions in the securities market. Typically, a RR must pass strict licensing requirements, including the Series 7 and 63 exams, and uphold the suitability standard set by regulators.

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