What Does Skitzing Mean?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Article about what does skitzing mean:

Skitzing is the state of being high on meth or ice for long periods of time. The person is often in a confused state of mind and unable to think clearly. They will also act as if they are idiots. This is very common in concerts when people are sleep deprived and standing for hours at a time. It is also known as skitzerfuck - stupid idiot.

To be crazy or insane due to stress or another incident; the next step up from tripping. Often used as a synonym for schizophrenia.

He was skitzing out because his girlfriend left him. He was acting phsyco and paranoid for a good portion of the day. I saw him at the umphrey’s concert, skitzing out all d-mn day.

David Sunnyside
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