What Does the Purple Ring on Snapchat Mean?

January 19, 2024
David Sunnyside

Snapchat has a lot of colors that are used to show different things, but sometimes, it can get confusing. The app uses different color circles around users' profiles to show different things, such as a red circle that means there is a new unopened chat or a purple circle that shows there is a new Snap with audio.

One of the most common questions is what does the purple ring on snapchat mean? It's important to know that this ring only appears on people who have uploaded stories that you have not watched. The ring will remain purple until you watch their story, and then it will turn grey until they upload another one. You can see this ring in the Stories page and on Quick Add.

It is also possible to have a purple ring with a lock next to it, which indicates that you are part of the group of people who can view their private story. This is a great feature that allows people to share stories with a select group of friends and not everyone.

When a person creates their private story, they have 24 hours to post any picture or video to it. After that, they can see a purple ring around their profile picture that will indicate that they have uploaded a story for others to watch. They can also set it to be public, which will allow anyone to view the story.

David Sunnyside
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