What Does Urging Delivery on Shein Mean?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

When you see that your order has been marked as Urging Delivery, it means that Shein is rushing to get your package out for shipment. This is because they understand that you may be impatient and want your new items as soon as possible.

This process involves a number of steps that SHEIN must take to ensure your order gets shipped out promptly and efficiently. First, they must process the item(s) that you purchased by adding them to their warehouse and getting them ready to ship out.

Then, they must arrange for the item(s) to be shipped from their warehouse to the delivery company or courier that will be responsible for delivering them to your address. Once they’ve done this, they must make sure that the shipping company or courier has all of the correct information that you provided when submitting your order.

Finally, they must provide the delivery company with an estimated time of arrival that you can expect your order to arrive at your door. This estimate is based on the typical time that it takes for your delivery to leave the warehouse, travel to the destination country, and then arrive at your doorstep.

During peak seasons, delivery companies can be overwhelmed and overworked. This can lead to delays in delivery. Another common cause of delay is bad weather conditions that might prevent the courier from being able to complete deliveries. If you are having a particularly slow delivery experience, it is a good idea to contact the courier directly to find out what is going on with your order.

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