What Episode of Bluey is Can We Get the Bill?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Whether or not you’re a parent, you can relate to the hilarious and heart-warming Bluey episodes. These shows touch on difficult topics that are often overlooked in other kids’ TV and make for wholesome viewing for the whole family. From overcoming anxiety to dealing with grief, these episodes are sure to make you laugh, cry, and smile. This list contains episodes that deal with sensitive themes, and is best viewed with adult supervision.

Bluey has always been a show that reflects real-life parenting struggles and is not afraid to tackle the tough stuff. This season, episodes like “Baby Race” and “Onesies” hit particularly close to home for many families who have struggled with fertility issues. These episodes have become therapeutic boons for a large portion of their audience around the world, as they provide lighthearted relief from some of life’s heavier burdens.

Another episode that captures the essence of an Australian childhood, "Camping" is one of the show’s most beloved episodes. It showcases how children can bond with their friends despite the fact that they may not share the same language or experiences. Similarly, it’s an excellent reminder that we shouldn’t be judging our friends and their choices based on our own opinions.

David Sunnyside
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