What Font Does Twitter Use?

February 4, 2024
David Sunnyside

As the most popular social media platform, Twitter understands that visual appeal is vital to a user’s experience. To that end, they’ve made numerous changes to their fonts in an attempt to give their app and web-based services a more sleek and professional look. Fortunately, most of their changes have been relatively minor and aren’t immediately apparent. This article will explore the various fonts that Twitter has used and their significance.

The first font Twitter ever used was a simple sans-serif typeface called Helvetica Neue. This font was chosen because of its legibility and versatility, as well as its modern appearance. Despite its simplicity, Helvetica Neue was able to maintain a consistent appearance on screens of all sizes and resolutions. Moreover, it was a very popular font and is still widely used on many websites today.

Helvetica Neue was replaced by a more modern sans-serif font known as Gotham in 2014. Similar to Helvetica, this typeface is versatile and easy to read. Its rounded edges lend it a friendly, approachable feel that aligns with Twitter’s values of openness and inclusion. Additionally, Gotham is easily readable on small screens and has a simple design that allows it to scale up to large billboards without losing its clarity.

In January 2021, Twitter announced that they were introducing a new custom font to their service. Described by Creative Director Derrit De Rouen as “chirp,” the new font was designed to better communicate emotions and flaws in tweets. Despite being based on the font Franklin Gothic, Twitter made a few tweaks to the design and spacing in order to make it more unique to their brand.

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