What Happened to Monday Book Review

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Overpopulation has long been a popular theme for sci-fi, from Soylent Green to Blade Runner. Yet what happens when that idea is taken to the extreme, with a dystopian future in which families are only allowed one child and children born beyond that number must be turned over to the government’s Child Allocation Bureau, where they will be put into cryosleep until the world can get its population under control? That’s the premise behind What Happened to Monday, a Netflix original film directed by Tommy Wirkola.

Noomi Rapace carries the film, and her sharp portrayal of identical septuplets Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday helps to make up for some cliched villains and ludicrous plot points. Although the sisters are supposed to be distinguishable by their traits (one slutty, one brainy), Rapace embodies each of them with an impressive depth of character.

The story kicks off when a black-hat villain, Adrian (Clarkson), discovers that his co-worker, Karen Settman, is actually several siblings who assume the name of each day of the week. When he offers to promote her, she agrees, but soon she realizes he’s sold her out. When she catches him in the act, she assaults him and then turns to Thursday for help.

The two help each other find a way out of the trap, and in doing so, they form a family of sorts. While the chase scenes and shootouts are exciting, what really makes the movie stand out is its heartwarming premise about the importance of family.

David Sunnyside
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