What Happened to Myg0t?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Founded in 1998 by a twelve year old named g0d from Chillicothe, Ohio myg0t was originally a Garry's Mod community that revolved around online video games, nerdcore hip hop music and 12 year old sex. Originally led by a man named g0d, myg0t grew and prospered under the tender leadership of a man known as SourceX. Despite the fact that myg0t was mostly made up of white nerds from the midwest, SourceX loved them all equally and treated all members with the utmost respect. In return the myg0ts reciprocated by making him the king of their IRC and forums.

In early 2008, a myg0t member named chozo_ninpo became good friends with KonArtis - another myg0t member who made some decent Garry's Mod trolling videos. Having similar interests including sex, nerdcore hip hop and processed snack foods they began dating and subsequently cohabitating in their mothers basements. During their time together they made some pretty shitty rage videos and got butthurt when YouTube banned their accounts for single report tickets related to racism, porn sprays and dick-munching.

It was later discovered that chozo_ninpo and KonArtis were both spics, something that myg0t finds very disturbing. As a result they were both vote-banned from the forums and IRC.

Late in 2003 the gaming community was informed by Valve that the Half-Life 2 source code had been leaked. This was blamed on myg0t by many e-detectives who were eager to hunt down the hackers that had stolen their game.

David Sunnyside
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