What Happened to Spotify Karaoke?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Spotify recently rolled out a new feature that has some people buzzing. It’s a karaoke mode that allows users to sing along with music and get ratings on their performance. This is a big change from the current ability to view lyrics on Spotify songs, which does not allow you to actually sing along or be judged by others. It’s been a hotly anticipated addition, especially after a TikTok video about it went viral.

However, despite the excitement, not everyone has access to it. Some say the feature is missing from their Spotify accounts altogether, while others claim it was there for a few days then disappeared. This is because Spotify is testing the karaoke mode region by region. Once it has finished the test, it will roll out to all regions and users can activate it by updating their app.

To use the new Spotify karaoke feature, simply open your app and find a song you want to sing to. Once you’ve found the song, scroll down to the lyrics section to see a karaoke button with a microphone icon. Click this and start singing! You’ll get a rating on how well you sang and how accurate your lyrics were.

To make sure you have the latest version of Spotify, visit your phone’s Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If the app isn’t updated, you’ll need to check your settings to toggle 'Automatic Updates’ on. Otherwise, you can download the update manually by opening your app, tapping the profile icon and then selecting ‘Update’.

David Sunnyside
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