What Happened to Stride Gum?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Many people are wondering what happened to stride gum, as the popular brand of chewing gum has suddenly disappeared from many store shelves. Several fans have complained on social media that they are no longer able to find their favorite flavor of stride. The company has not addressed any of these complaints, and hasn't been active on social media since 2019.

What Happened To Stride Gum?

A lot of people have noticed that their favorite flavor of stride gum has disappeared from local grocery stores and convenience stores. While it is not clear what exactly caused the demise of the popular gum, one theory is that it has simply lost popularity. There are a number of competing brands of gum on the market, and it can be difficult for any one brand to build up a large fan base in the face of so many other options.

Another theory is that the decline of stride gum has to do with changing tastes and trends. It used to be common for high school students in films to chew gum loudly and frequently, but this has become less of a trend in recent years. There may also be a change in overall consumer preferences for gum, with more people choosing to use breath fresheners instead of chewing gum as a means of refreshing their breath.

While it is true that stride gum does expire, the wiki page for the product states that the wrapper can be eaten in small quantities, just like any piece of paper. It is not recommended, however, as eating excessive amounts of non-digestible materials can lead to a condition known as bezoars.

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