What is a Database Query?

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

In database management, a query is a request for information stored in relational databases. Queries are crafted using a SQL-like syntax and executed by the database engine, which will then retrieve the data from your tables and transform it into a human-readable format like a table, graph, or complex result like a trend analysis.

Generally, database queries filter or aggregate your data to help you make decisions quickly and automate repetitive tasks. They can also simplify your underlying data to enable easier access, and they can help you analyze and manage your data more effectively.

A SELECT query can return data from one or more tables, while a DELETE query will remove matching records from your database. If you want to filter results by a specific column, use an ORDER BY query. You can also use a GROUP BY query to combine multiple groups of rows into a single report.

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