What Is a Forester's Job?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

Foresters study and manage a wide range of biotic and abiotic components in forests including forestry, silviculture, ecology, geology, hydrology, biology, math, statistics, plant taxonomy, tree physiology, and entomology. They create plans for sustainable timber harvesting and reforestation and work to ensure that logging operations comply with environmental regulations.

In the field, foresters use a variety of tools including GPS and drones to monitor forest health and productivity. They also rely on advanced technology like LiDAR to analyze the topographical and structural details of forests. Ultimately, these technologies allow companies to streamline the process of analyzing trees and cutting them into lumber.

A forester’s job is often physically demanding, as it requires extensive travel in woodlands which are natural habitats of wild animals and insects. It also requires a person to remain outdoors in harsh weather conditions for days at a time. As such, a career as a forester is typically only suitable for individuals who are comfortable with the physical demands of this career.

Foresters may also work in offices or research facilities where they study and analyze data. In these locations, they may utilize specialized software to model different scenarios for sustainable forest management. They also collaborate with other professionals and stakeholders, such as landowners and government agencies, to implement conservation programs and promote ecological stewardship. They may also work with wildlife biologists to identify and protect endangered or threatened animal species. Additionally, they may conduct research on the impacts of climate change on forest ecosystems.

David Sunnyside
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