What is a Gymnastics Kip?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

A gymnastics kip is a challenging skill that opens the door to a lot of other advanced gymnastics moves. It takes a lot of strength, coordination and practice to master. The kip is also important to help gymnasts develop their core muscles, which will add power to their other upper body moves.

How long it will take for your child to learn a kip depends on their age, previous gymnastics experience, and strength. It is important for them to follow a structured approach, seek guidance and practice regularly with dedication. With patience, determination and regular training, gymnasts of all levels can master the kip.

To learn a kip, it is helpful to break the move down into its individual components and work on them individually. Initially, a strong glide is crucial as this will set the foundation for the rest of the kip movement. To build a strong glide, gymnasts should do plenty of practice with their coach on the low bar or at home doing gliding drills such as our kip slides with sliders.

To begin the kip, the gymnast must snap their feet to the bar as they come to the end of their glide swing. This will help them generate the power they need to swing up and over the bar, moving backward and upwards. Then, they must keep their arms tight and push the bar up through their legs – using their shoulder, arm and core strength.

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