What is a Kick Plate on a Car?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

A kick plate is a small detail on your door that does a lot of good. It protects your doors from dents and scratches from people kicking it open while their hands are full. It can also prevent items like strollers, toys, kids, pets or anything else from hitting the bottom of your door which can cause damage over time.

It's more common to see these on commercial or business buildings where there is a lot of traffic coming in and out with packages, groceries and other things. However, you can also install them in your own home. It's not only a great way to prevent your door from getting damaged but it also looks pretty good as well.

Our adhesive tapes allow for a fast and strong attachment solution without the need for liquid adhesives or mechanical fasteners, which is perfect for vehicle kick plates and tread plates. They also have excellent temperature, chemical and ageing resistance and can be used in a wide range of dissimilar materials.

If your door has suffered a lot of damage over the years, it might be time to get it replaced. Feldco offers the best entry doors in the industry that are not only strong and beautiful but energy efficient as well. Get a free quote right now and start saving on your new door!

David Sunnyside
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