What Is A Tailgate Bike Pad?

November 17, 2022

A tailgate bike pad is one of the most widespread, easiest to install, and quite affordable means of transporting mountain bikes to and from the trailhead.

Tailgate pads are broad, chunky, foam-filled pads that rest over the trunk/tailgate of a pickup vehicle. In most cases, the pickup vehicle is a truck, with a tailgate pad folded over its trunk. The bikes rest over the top tube of the pad, with additional straps holding the bikes in place, protecting them against damage while driving over the bumpiest roads.


Why Do You Need A Tailgate Bike Pad?

Well, as mountain biking has gained traction over the years as people’s favorite adventure and an amusing pastime on a trip, there has been an increase in the means to transport bikes to the trailhead. The distance could vary from a few miles to a thousand miles away, that too on the bumpy shuttle roads, and there can be high chances of your bikes being damaged.

In order to prevent that from happening, a tailgate bike pad is an awful solution. While traditionally, the main way of transporting mountain bikes has been a metal or wooden bike rack, which ascended over the roof of the vehicle to its tailgate, via straps or a trailer hitch.

However, simpler options have also been opted for, such as laying the bikes in the bed of the trunk to hulking them down by the handlebars. Another widely used method has to be the custom wheel chocks being launched in the bed of the truck.

Since these options were not the safest ones, and still involved high risks of bikes being damaged, that’s where the tailgate bike pads came in.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Tailgate Bike Pads?

Tailgate bike pads have great benefits over traditional ways of transporting mountain bikes. Since bikes continue to become more expensive, it has been a big deal to get one and handle it with care. No person in their right mind will simply throw their hard-earned, expensive bike into a truck’s bed, leading to severe damages. Also, the rise of carbon in handlebars has set almost an end to the moto-style strap. Therefore, the ultimate solution left is none other than using a tailgate bike pad.

Here’s why you should opt for a tailgate pad as well as an insight into what problems it solves on behalf of the traditional transportation means:

  1. If you are someone who commutes their bikes for gravity runs, tailgate bike pads are especially for you. You can easily load your bike on one rather than mercilessly throwing it in a bike rack.
  2. To stop your bike from bouncing around, tailgate bike pads are designed with a strap system that properly locks it down. This helps bikes have a safe journey even on the bumpiest shuttle roads.
  3. A recent problem with the traditional bike racks was that they could no longer hold the advanced and latest crop of mountain bikes. Several changes have caused comprehensive changes to top tubes, such as bigger wheels and tires, longer frames, and full suspension. So the tailgate pad came in with promising solutions to all these troubles, becoming an even more enticing option for pickup truck drivers.
  4. Surprisingly, tailgate bike pads are comparatively much cheaper than conventional bike racks. Most bike racks cost nearly $300 to $600, with a capacity of carrying two to four or more bikes respectively. An average tailgate pad costs between $125 to $150, accommodating up to six bikes.
  5. Tailgate pads are self-effacing since they do not occupy any space in your truck bed.



How To Choose The Right-Sized Tailgate Bike Pad:

Tailgate pads come in varying sizes. So in order to choose the right pad for your vehicle, read through the following points:

  • Tailgate pads are mostly available in two sizes:
  1. Standard (or small)
  2. Large
  • Large pads are typically best for full-sized and heavy-duty trucks such as Toyota Tundras, Dodge Rams, Nissan Titan, etc.
  • Small or standard pads fit mid-sized trucks such as Ford Ranger, GMC Canyos, Jeep Gladiator, etc.
  • However, you can simply measure the width of your truck’s tailgate and compare it with the width of the tailgate pad for more precision.

Buying Guide:

The struggle of transporting a bike to the top of a mountain is real and all of us have gone through this situation once in our lifetime. Having a tailgate bike pad is essential so while deciding to get one, keep these guidelines in mind so that you may not risk money.Click here for more

  • The tailgate pad must be budget-friendly.
  • Go for the one that By taking your bike to the top of the mountain, you can ride it downhill without any damage.
  • Make sure that the interior of the pad is made up of a soft and comfortable interior which improves its overall durability.
  • The pad must be cut-resistant and water-resistant.

Best Mountain Biking Tailgate Pads:

Many companies are manufacturing products to aid pickup truck drivers to commute their bikes to and from the trailhead. Some of the leading manufacturers are:

  1. Dakine Pickup Pad DLX
  2. Backcountry Gateway Tailgate Pad
  3. Yakeema Gatekeeper
  4. Race Face T2 Tailgate Pad
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