What Is a Technology Fee?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Student Technology Fee (STF) supports the technological infrastructure and resources enhancing the University's educational experience. UC Riverside invests STF funds in instructional technologies that foster a high-tech teaching and learning environment for students and faculty. In addition, STF funds support collaborative and interactive tools to empower instructors to create new ways of learning.

STF allocation plans are reviewed annually by a committee consisting of students appointed by the student government and campus staff members, with final approval by the Chancellor or the Chancellor's designee. Allocations should be consistent with the overall campus and information technology strategic plans.

Unlike matriculation and tuition fees, the student technology fee is not a segregated fee but instead is a component of the general university budget. Therefore, it is important that any expenditure that could be perceived as inappropriate be carefully examined and documented to demonstrate how the investment will benefit a significant number of students. A good example is a project that converts an ordinary classroom into a modern studio/classroom hybrid, making it possible for in-person students and Zoom participants to see the instructor keyed over video content on a large display while sharing their local displays.

David Sunnyside
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