What is a Technology Package for Apartments?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

A smart apartment system needs to go beyond the individual devices of voice assistants, thermostats and locks. It needs to connect these devices and other systems to create a cohesive management platform that automates tasks like vacant unit management, work orders, package deliveries and more. This is why many smart apartment providers offer a hub that can manage the connected devices and connect to other on-demand services like dog walkers or cleaners.

It’s also important for an apartment technology package to be scalable and compatible with current and future residents. A smart apartment solution should be easy for residents to install and use, but also be easily expandable with new devices and features. A good solution will also support both wired and wireless connectivity for maximum flexibility. This means that a smart apartment system can be deployed in both new and existing buildings, without needing to make major changes to infrastructure or install additional wifi equipment.

In addition to offering a flexible and comprehensive smart apartment solution, apartment complexes should look for a vendor that offers the best price/value for their residents. A good way to do this is by combining a smart apartment solution with other amenities, such as high-speed internet or cable TV packages. This will help to drive adoption of the technology, as well as increase the overall value of a community for residents.

Lastly, the smart apartment solution should be backed by strong security standards and a trusted privacy policy. This is especially important as data security becomes a priority for more and more people. A good solution will support industry standard protocols, including open-source software, and provide multiple ways for residents to control their data and privacy settings.

David Sunnyside
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