What Is a Wasp Mom?

January 13, 2024
David Sunnyside

A wasp mom is a rich white woman that is part of the dominant American upper class. The term is a slur for a women with many privileges who likes to create drama out of her everyday life and act entitled. This type of wealthy American usually comes from old money families and are descendants of the Mayflower. They have traditional marriage structures that include flexibility in their husbands' jobs and prefer a wife's career over her children. They also hold conservative values and believe in a strong work ethic, loyalty, and faithfulness.

If you have been watching TikTok lately, you probably know the viral video content creator Caitlin Reilly and her character she plays on the platform as a WASP Mom. She has been impersonating the typical American white woman that is rich and privileged during lockdown by telling restaurant servers to take things off her bill, asking for an extra scoop of ice cream, or Facetiming her friends during lunch. These videos have gone viral and her character has become a household name.

What Is a Wasp?

A wasp is a large insect with a stinger in the back of its abdomen. They are part of the Vespidae family and can be found on every continent except Antarctica. They are most commonly black and yellow in color, and have a slender waist between the thorax and abdomen known as a wasp waist. They can be very dangerous if they are provoked.

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