What is a WLAN and What Technology is Used to Uniquely Identify a WLAN?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

A wlan network is a wireless local area network that uses Wi-Fi to connect devices to the internet. A LAN, like a WLAN, has the same components as a traditional wired LAN, including Ethernet switches, but transmits packets over air instead of through physical cables.

A WLAN can be configured in different ways to meet the needs of each organization. For example, it can be set up to provide guest access for customers and visitors, or it can be used as part of the internal business network. It can also be designed to support a mix of wireless clients, from mobile phones and tablets to IP desktops and laptops.

The unique identifier of a wlan network is the service set identifier (SSID), which acts as a shared password to gain access to the network. By configuring SSIDs, the administrator can divide a single wireless network into multiple subnets for separate identification authentication, improving security and usability.

A wlan network is powered by radio waves, which can travel through the air and pass through opaque objects. The technology behind these radio waves is modulation, in which digital signals in circuits are instantaneously changed between high and low levels. These changes are then superimposed on the carrier signal that is transmitted over antennas. Modulation technologies include symbol mapping and carrier modulation.

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