What is Ampak Technology on My WiFi?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

In the world of IoT, reliable WiFi connectivity is essential for a seamless experience. With the rise of connected cars, smartphones and smart home devices, it's becoming more important than ever to have a high-speed and stable internet connection. This is where Ampak technology comes in. Founded in 2000, Ampak specializes in wireless multimedia and optical communication technologies. The company offers a wide variety of products including Wireless SiP, Wireless HDMI, and Wi-Fi modules. Its WiFi chipsets also find their way into a broad range of routers and access points, as well as IoT-based device such as wearables and cameras. Ampak's WiFi modules and chipsets feature multiple antenna configurations, intelligent power management techniques, and optimized firmware.

While most of Ampak's tech is used in B2B-based products, there is a chance that you may have some of their devices on your network if you use Windows machines. That's because the operating system features a setting that allows it to automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks without entering your password. This is called Connect Now and is activated by default from the factory.

If you disable this feature, it will remove any AMPAK names from the list of devices that are currently connected to your wi-fi network. However, if the names continue to show up in your network's connected devices list, it might be an indicator that someone is attempting to freeload on your connection or breach your security system.

David Sunnyside
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