What is an EFP Bomb?

October 31, 2023
David Sunnyside

The efp bomb is a kind of explosive device used by terrorists to attack armored vehicles. It consists of a copper disc backed by an explosive charge and surrounded by inert plastic explosives. The device is then concealed in a PVC tube and camouflaged. The explosion from the charge causes a blast effect that can damage structures nearby and harm civilians. It can also throw debris and shrapnel that can injure or kill people in the vicinity.

The use of EFPs can violate international laws and regulations, such as the Geneva Conventions. During the War on Terror, Iran-backed Shiite militants used them to target U.S. troops and cause heavy casualties in Iraq. According to the Military Times, more than 196 American soldiers were killed by EFPs between 2005 and 2008. Despite billions of dollars spent to curb their threat, Iranian-backed militants continue to deploy these deadly weapons.

LS-DYNA is a finite element modeling program used to simulate the formation and penetration behavior of EFPs. It models the interaction between the various components in an EFP, such as the copper shell, the inner reactive liner, the high-explosive charge, and the detonator. The model combines the SHOCK equation of state, the Poisson's ratio of the material and its elastic properties, and the governing differential equations for each component to predict their dynamics.

A typical EFP consists of a copper cylinder shaped like a paint can with a concave copper or steel liner clamped over its open end. When the EFP is detonated, it produces a focused jet of hypervelocity molten metal that cuts through even the heaviest main battle tank armor at close range. The LS-DYNA model analyzed the effects of different liner materials and thicknesses, the amount and type of high-explosive, and the number and off-center distance of the detonators on the EFP's formation and penetration behavior.

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