What is ASCR on Monitor?

July 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

ASCR technology from Asus is an innovative way of automatically adjusting the contrast ratio on your monitor depending on the content being displayed, providing deeper blacks and brighter whites to improve image quality and make gaming and movie watching experiences more pleasurable. Available on many Asus monitors and can be enabled using OSD menu, to use this feature click on picture of OSD menu then image tab then ASCR option - to get this done

ASCR can be useful when viewing images that feature various degrees of brightness levels, as it reduces input lag on your monitor and gives gamers an advantage in fast paced games by speeding up display times between your actions and their display onscreen.

If you want to enable ASCR on your Asus monitor, the image tab of OSD menu offers this option. Once enabled, contrast and brightness settings can be customized as needed, while changing color temperature if you want more vibrant hues on screen - perfect for video games and movies alike - or to better see graphics details in game.

ASCR technology can be found on several Asus monitors and works by sensing light conditions around it and adapting the backlight accordingly. This makes the monitor more energy-efficient, saving money on power bills while protecting eyes health by decreasing blue light emissions from screens.

Asus' ASCR feature can be an extremely beneficial gaming accessory as it helps increase contrast and brightness of your display, creating more realistic-looking games and movies while reducing eye strain from playing them. Unfortunately, not everyone likes this feature as it can lead to flickering in dark areas of their screen.

ASCR can be turned off on Asus monitors if it becomes bothersome; however, be mindful that doing so could result in flickering and ghosting in darker parts of your screen. To avoid any potential disruption or distraction for some users, turning this feature off might be best; depending on the content being watched and your personal preferences; experimentation may reveal whether you prefer having it enabled or disabled - both options should be tried out to determine which works best.

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