What is ASCR?

July 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Academic Staff Common Room (ASCR) at UCL is an intellectual hub for academics from all fields. For years it has served as a place for lively discussion and collaboration, without which would never have taken place. Run as a non-profit organisation supported by subscriptions from its members, its headquarters can be found in Housman Room of Wilkins Building near North Cloisters.

Asus smart contrast ratio is an automated system that automatically adapts dynamic contrast ratio of monitors based on content displayed. This means images, videos and games will appear clearer, brighter and more vivid; furthermore it saves energy by decreasing backlight intensity in darker areas, prolonging screen lifespan.

Participants widely acknowledged the potential of ASCR to address racial bias, since marginalized groups are more likely to be arrested and engaged with the criminal justice system. They understood this was a complex issue and raised concern that automating it might introduce new forms of bias into society.

They suggested that, to mitigate this risk, the government should meet with members of racialized communities and work out an ASCR system together with those most affected by it. They further recommended taking into account any criteria used to automatically suspend offences such as crimes that impact family units as these can have long-term negative repercussions.

Other participants acknowledged a key benefit of ASCR was its speedy review process and reduced or eliminated long wait times for people with records to have convictions erased, providing greater opportunity for housing or employment applications, or mitigating stigma associated with having criminal convictions. They highlighted how this would benefit families by speeding up this process.

Some participants viewed ASCR as having several benefits, with increased transparency being one such benefit; everyone could easily view who had been automatically suspended and why. Furthermore, they felt this might reduce cases where wrong people are arrested and charged with crimes - something which currently occurs too frequently.

The ASCR represents an exciting step toward the future of HPC, and will have profound effects on national science, engineering and technology in coming years. It is an integral component of meeting challenges such as bioenergy use and climate change to Alzheimer's disease; providing scientific insight that will drive discovery and innovation while keeping the United States ahead in information technology and high tech industries; it will also enable cost-effective petascale systems and desktop computers that support continued scientific investigation across multiple fields.

David Sunnyside
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